The flag game

A cooperative game that requires energy. The goal is simple: capture the flag of the opposing team to win. But doing so can be more difficult than you think!

Football with a giant ball

And why not try an original game of football? With a giant ball, an advantage for some but also a constraint for others…

Yoga for children

Yoga for children allows them to explore breathing, movement and concentration through playful exercises: imitating an animal, producing sounds, balancing games, etc. In this way, children stimulate their imagination. They become aware of their body in space and of their sensations. They learn to gain confidence, channel their energy, share, awaken, memorise and express themselves.

Land Art workshop

With the vast flora that the Domaine des Sorbiers has to offer, we will introduce you to a new way of practicing art.

Taste development activity

A fun and educational experience based on the sense of taste. Depending on the age of the children, the activity gets tougher.

Kayak trip

Want to cool off? We can provide kayaks (7 two-seater) (with or without guide).

Possible from May to October.

But where is Colonel Mustard’s treasure?

What could be better than having fun with an orienteering race mixed with a treasure hunt in the Sorbiers domain? Don’t wait any longer and come and discover what is hidden in Colonel Mustard’s treasure!

Tales for children

A storyteller will take you to a fantastic world within the Sorbiers estate.