The spirit of the place

The Sorbiers country estate

A place steeped in history

In the 1900s, the Meuse, which winds between Dinant and Givet, was a popular holiday destination, with numerous hotels known at the time as “Mosan palaces”. Hastière, Heer, Waulsort… were known and loved by rich tourists and prominent people. The seventeen-hectare estate once belonged to the Boël family. With “Les Sorbiers”, the term “Mosan palace” takes on its full meaning (again).

This is the story of a group of friends in search of happiness

A human adventure

With three successive stories of shared values…
A dream that has become reality thanks to a group of friends with the same goal in life: to share moments of happiness. It all began in 1994, when five young adults fell under the spell of an abandoned hotel on the Somme estuary. Les Tourelles was created in just a few months.

A resort with eco-label

A sustainable and regenerative approach to responsibility

Les Sorbiers” is now one of two Belgian hotels to have been awarded the European eco-label. “It is a label that does not only concern the appliances, but is based on the entire project and on a long-term perspective. So it is an evolving process.

Restaurant "en face de l'île"

From the earth to the plate

Nicolas Valanchon sees his dishes as a story written from the earth to the plate. Everything that is honey, vegetables, fruit or herbs comes from Les Sorbiers. All products not available locally are supplied by local producers. We always look for the shortest food chain! So the menu changes at the rhythm of the garden. The story goes from the earth to the plate.

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